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Houses represent one of the largest purchases in many American’s lives, for this reason it’s only natural for them to make all that they can to put money back into their pockets. Here is where I play an important role to make you feel confident and satisfied. I will do everything you need, from listing your house on the MLS for the right price to marketing your house and completing negotiations. Whole package included.

Listing your house

I will take a look at similar homes in the area that are listed or have recently sold to compare to yours. I will also check stats from the area where the house is located, look at the property value of the neighbor’s homes, and use all of this information to find the real value of your home.

Market your home

Once your home is listed, I will post the usual signs in your yard and a box of fliers if needed. Then I’ll make sure to list your house in local home publications with a sensational description. In the description I will write down all the extra details not seen in the pictures to motivate eben more  potential buyers.

Let's start working together

I will make your experience a high detailed cost effective experience fulfilling your expectations no matter what.



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